HOUSEHOLDS - It is now a REQUIREMENT that all households REGISTER their bins for collections and we would ask you to do this as soon as possible as your bins will not be collected.

DM Waste offer a high quality refuse collection service from your home with various domestic bin sizes and flexible payment options. At DM Waste, the following refuse bins are available for household waste disposal:

  •     240L or 140L Waste Bin
  •     240L Recycling Bin
  •      23L  Food Caddy


23L Brown Food Caddy

Brown Food Caddies are being introduced to households.  Households are required to segregate their food waste from all other waste and have it collected by an authorised Waste Collector, bring it to an authorised facility or compost certain food types that are suitable for the home composting process.  Please log on to www.mywaste.ie and click on the "my food waste" icon to find out more information.


  •     All bins must be out by 7.00am on morning of collection.
  •     All bins must be visible e.g. not behind walls/hedges with handles facing outwards.
  •     If you cannot easily move your bin it is unreasonable to expect the collector to do so.
  •     The correct bin must be presented on collection day e.g. general waste bin (green/black) and recycling bin (blue).
  •     Please note that blue bins are for RECYCLING ONLY and will no longer be accepted as a general waste bin

* For Further Information about Recycling please visit http://www.mywaste.ie/

Don’t let your bins be left behind register today!


The National Average weight of a Household General waste bin (green/black) is approx.: 40KGS.

To help achieve this weight it’s IMPORTANT TO RECYCLE.

How to avoid HEAVY/OVERLOADED bins:

  1. Minimise the amount of ashes placed in the bin.

 Ashes = weight!

  1. Present bins on the appointed collection weeks.

Holding bins for 4 weeks or more = weight!